Friday, August 8, 2014

Here’s 7 Items You Should Never Leave in a Hot Car!

1. Aerosol Cans: Never store an aerosol can in an environment that gets hotter than 120 degrees, it could potentially explode!

2. Medication: Heat can change the chemical composition of prescription medications, so make sure you keep them in a cool dry place!

3. Lighters: This is kind of the same concept as the aerosol cans, they have the potential to explode.

4. Electronic devices: Heat can shorten the lifespan of your iPod or GPS. Take it out of the car when you’re not using it!

5. Glasses: Heat can warp the shape/ lenses of your glasses or sun glasses.

6. Plastic water bottles: Chemicals from the plastic could seep in to the water, which is potentially dangerous to your health.

7. CD’s and DVD’s: Heat can cause damage to both of these items causing them to no longer play.

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